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Media buyers hope AT&T brings quality to advertising with WarnerMedia

Seemingly overnight, AT&T has become a media empire. WarnerMedia, the new name for Time Warner, includes Turner (which owns CNN, TNT, TBS and other cable channels) along with HBO and the Warner Bros. studio. That’s some of the most lucrative content in media, including CNN’s news programming, TNT’s rights to NBA games, HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and Warner Bros.’ “Wonder Woman.” AT&T couldn’t comment for this story because the company is in a quiet period ahead of next month’s earnings for the second quarter of 2018, an AT&T spokesperson said. One media buyer, who requested anonymity due to his company’s work with AT&T, said the telecommunication company’s user base is much smaller than those of Facebook and Google, for example, with AT&T’s  170 million direct-to-consumer relationships. But since AT&T owns the pipes , it can guarantee ads get seen while other platforms continue to battle ad fraud, the buyer said. WarnerMedia’s Stankey told Reuters that AT&T plans to use customers’ mobile phone and video data to sell targeted ads, with explicit permission. But Andy Groisman, CEO of NoiseGrasp, a predictive marketing platform, wondered how AT&T will keep its promise of fewer ads in the era of the General Data Protection Regulation , where data sharing and privacy are under such strong scrutiny. “They’ll be forced to rethink targeting beyond just pixel-driven media analytics in order to drive marketing ROI, a method that relies heavily on user-specific data,” he said.

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